Instrumentation and Control System

We sell, upgrade, and install various kinds of control systems which include gas turbine controls.

Tech Top installs instrumentation and control panels for major industrial projects include power stations, steel works, petrochemical plants, paper mills and breweries. Instrumentation for a variety of systems is included in the company's experience.



We also offer Generator protection and control services which include:

  • Excitation System Upgrades
  • Generator Protection System Upgrades
  • Generator Synchronizing System Upgrades
  • Generator Control Upgrades
  • Operator interface system installation

Pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic processes have been designed, calibrated and commissioned by Tech Top, incorporating measurement devices for flow, pressure, temperature, and level analysis. Particular material specifications can be used stainless steel, carbon steel, copper tubing and control cabling for classified zones. Using the latest technology, computerized techniques are used for instrument and process control systems.

TechTop Technologies Limited employs skilled personnel who can offer a complete service in the field of process control and instrumentation design. A complete package is available comprising initial conception and design, equipment specification, purchasing, installation and ongoing maintenance.